Introducing a PassboltAPI.Net library

I wanted to implement a Passbolt windows application in our office. I chose windows as most users are used to windows applications. And together with the browser plugins i think it would make a great combination.

I have added most common methods from the API available in .NET. What is possible with this library is

  • Verify server fingerprint
  • Login user with users fingerprint and private key file
  • Get a list of users
  • Get a list of resources available to the logged in user
  • Add a new resource
  • Change the password of a given resource
  • Share a resource with a different user
  • Remove a share for a user

After this the development will be slow as it was a side project for me to get our office more secure regarding password managing. I will be mostly developing an application that uses this library.
In the case i will need a new function for my application i will update the git repository as well.

The library is written in VB.NET but someone might be able to write it for C#.NET as well.

Hope it will help someone.

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@MrMark Mark it’s so great to see this effort. Thanks so much for sharing.