Invalid Login Credentials Android

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Hi, my apologies in advance if I miss something or I’m not elaborate enough. I’m a noob in this. Found out about self-hosting and using Passbolt just yesterday.

I can’t seem to login the passbolt android app. Gives me an error saying “The Credentials are invalid”.

I have setup passbolt as a docker container on my raspberry pi 4B running raspberry pi OS (Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)). Raspberry Pi is running headless so I SSH into it though my windows 10 laptop.
Docker, Docker version 23.0.4, build f480fb1 and docker-compose version 1.29.2, build unknown. Passbolt version 3.9.
I followerd the instructions to setup passbolt on docker from Passbolt installation page.
I wanted to have this setup locally and not on a domain online. So I changed the docker-compose-ce.yaml to reflect that. used APP_FULL_BASE_URL = https://local_IP:443. The local_IP is the static IP address of my Raspberry Pi.

After the setup I made the self verified SSL certificates using openssl. The following is what I used,

openssl req -x509 \
    -newkey rsa:4096 \
    -days 120 \
    -subj "/C=LU/ST=Luxembourg/L=Esch-Sur-Alzette/O=Passbolt SA/OU=Passbolt IT Team/CN=*local_IP*/" \
    -nodes \
    -addext "subjectAltName = IP:*local_IP*" \
    -keyout key.pem \
    -out cert.pem

Taking these two files, key.pem and cert.pem I and moved these files to a “certs” directory.

      - ./certs/cert.pem:/etc/ssl/certs/certificate.crt:ro
      - ./certs/key.pem:/etc/ssl/certs/certificate.key:ro

I added the above in the docker-compose-ce.yaml. And finally added the certificate as trusted on my brave browser. I installed the cert.pem file on my android under CA certificate. Followed this to make that work, Error scanning a QR code on Android.

The issue I’m facing, After scanning the various QR codes it lets me enter my passphrase, but when i click sign in, I get an error “The credentials are invalid”.

The log report from the android app:

Device: OnePlus ONEPLUS A6010
Android 11 (30)
Passbolt 1.13.2-20

7:06:45 pm Passphrase cache cleared
7:06:45 pm Passphrase cached
7:06:45 pm Getting server pgp and rsa keys
7:06:45 pm --> GET h2
7:06:45 pm <-- 200 (108ms, unknown-length body)
7:06:45 pm --> GET h2
7:06:46 pm <-- 200 (165ms, unknown-length body)
7:06:46 pm Getting server pgp and rsa keys succeeded
7:06:46 pm Verifying server fingerprint
7:06:46 pm Server key fingerprint is valid
7:06:46 pm Preparing sign in challenge
7:06:46 pm Prepared sign in challenge
7:06:46 pm Signing in
7:06:47 pm --> POST h2 (1630-byte body)
7:06:47 pm <-- 400 (233ms, unknown-length body)
7:06:47 pm Server time is 1682516207, device time is 1682516207
7:06:47 pm Failure during sign in: The credentials are invalid.
7:07:48 pm App went background
7:07:48 pm Passphrase cache cleared
7:08:01 pm App went background
7:08:01 pm Passphrase cache cleared

I thought time out of sync might be the issue so I synced the clocks between my phone and my laptop (server i guess) and still getting the error. Check Error using Android app with Passbolt Cloud.

Even though the server time and the device time is exactly the same I am still getting the same invalide credentials error.
Any help would be much appreciated. I feel lost, I’ve been at this for since yesterday morning, 2 full days :frowning: .

Hello @sachleen, welcome to the forum!

We are aware of a bug regarding credentials that seems to be invalid on Android and we are actively working on it.
If you have already checked the time difference, your certificates and so on we also have been reported that sometimes, if you try to log in for a few times (more than 5) the application could potentially let you in but that depends from customer to customer.

I will let you know when we will release the hotfix :wink:

Hi @antony ,

Thanks for letting me know. I tried generating the certificates again and synced the time. Still nothing. I will try what you said and log in a few time to see if that works. Looking forward to the fix :slight_smile:

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