Is it possible to install passbolt on windows 10?

New user here so go easy on me.
Any way to install passbolt on windows 10 and dose the basic version support fingerprint authentication for android?

Hi @MKD4E, Passbolt is currently available as an app to be installed on a web server and accessed through desktop versions of Firefox and Chrome using browser extensions.

You could probably figure out a way to install it on Windows 10 if you approach it through the Windows Subsystem for Linux and set up a web server (haven’t tried it). There would be other approaches too with the goal of running a server locally on your machine. You could then access it that way.

Mobile app version is in the works, and I would anticipate fingerprint authentication to be a feature.

Thank you for the information.
But the problem is that i want it to run standalone on my pc as an alternative for dashlane and other password managers. And i am using windows allone. It’s much easier for me.
In that case i will wait for a guide for how to insalenet for in the near future.

Thank you.

@MKD4E Have you considered the cloud version with services hosted for you?

It’s mainly for my laptop, and no one exep me is going to use it. So I will wait for improvements.

@MKD4E I may be misunderstanding what you are asking, but even when the mobile app product comes out, it will still connect to a server. The passbolt app is for safely sharing passwords between users.

Of course, it’s useful for one person as well but a server is required now and would be required in the future too.

Ok. I think I might have got the wrong use of the software. Maybe in the future it might come in useful. And if I get a server I might use it. Thank you for the help.