Is it possible to use local server locale instead of browser extension?


I am trying to customize the Passbolt to my needs while avoiding forking of browser extension.

Current situation.
Even though there is locales under webroot/locales/
it still loads locales from Request URL: chrome-extension://path/to/common.js
I tried to analyze code and forums but never found answer is there a possibility to switch locale fetching from server instead of extension?

Hi and welcome @j3ws3r !

Those locales are serving different purpose actually. Basically, the one from the server is used when the server is sending a translated message to the UI (could be error messages, emails etc …). While the one on the browser extension is used when the browser extension needs to translate a message on its UI.

So, both needs to be translated.
What is your requirements here by curiosity? Do you need a new language to be available or are there any errors/issues with the current ones (or else) ?

FYI, there is the possibility to contribute to the translation in a centralised UI from Crowdin. If you want to participate, you can have more information here Passbolt Help | How can I contribute to the translation?

Ahh, got it.

The requirement is that some of the translations could contain a link to instructions provided for company. In other words it would be better for company employees not to look for specific part in prepared instructions by himself, instead he would only need to click on a link in web which would redirect him to instructions.

It would open up some of vulnerabilities, but as our tool is locked to local network only it is not so terrible.

But now I realised that perhaps I will be able to achieve such functionality via email - although not as good as text on page itself, but better than nothing. :tada: