Manually install Passbolt on OpenLitespeed


All the installation procedures here use the installation script for passbolt. Howeer, as a certified Linux Administrator, I need to install passbolt on a server that has other applications on it running on Ubuntu 22.04.

I know how to setup php74 on OpenLitespeed (lsphp74), and I can try to figure out how to use fast-cgi or php-fpm if required. I can install and configure pretty much any server by hand. I can even do reverse proxies and the like.

However, all passbolt installations assume:

  1. Install on a clean OS with nothing else or use a container
  2. Install using a installation script.

I’m looking for a step by step set of installation instructions on which pieces of software to install and in what order and what general connectivity steps I have employ. E.g. I’m not looking for how to configure fast-cgi to run passbolt, but I am looking for WHEN to do it and what the connectivity endpoints I have to preserve. E.g. I want to know how to run the database auto setup but not how to create the database and not how to create the users.

I want to be able to manually emulate the installer. I’ve read the installation script. It makes a lot of assumptions and checks a lot of things so trying to decipher the high level steps is very difficult.

Can someone point me to the manual installation instructions that DO NOT USE the installation script (all install steps by hand)?


P.S. If I can get this done, I can try to craft a how to install alongside other applications or even a how to install on openlitespeed tutorial.


You are looking for the from-source installation: Passbolt Help | Install passbolt API from source


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But that’s the API. I want to install the passbolt server. Is that the same thing?

Yes, passbolt server is the API :slightly_smiling_face:

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I followed all the instructions to the letter. I got stuck at:

bin/cake passbolt install

Deleted everything and started over and got the same result.

Could not use key for signing. get_key failed
Please run ./bin/cake passbolt healthcheck for more information and help.

Did I leave something uncommented in the configuration file?

Nm. Found it. Fingerprint. Sigh.