Many passwords for the same site in the browser extension organized in folders


We are testing Passbolt as an alternative for Keepass in our company. We have thousands of passwords saved in our Keepass database. The special thing is, that we have many passwords for the same site from many different of our customers (e.g. for a hosting company).
The browser extension correctly suggests all of these password entries, if I visit the login page of the hosting company. But the extension does not show the name of the folder the password is stored in.
We have a complex folder structure in Keepass at the moment (“Customers” > “Customer A” > “Website” > …) and without the information about the folder the password is stored in, I have a list of 50 different logins in the browser extension and I don’t know which to choose if I have to login to the hosting company for a special customer.

Is there any way to achieve that?

Also, the search field in the extension allows me to search for the password entry name (i.e. the hosting company name), but not for the folder names.
I also can’t access the folders directly from the extension - is that also achievable?

Or do I use Passbolt completely wrong? :wink:

Thanks for the help,