"MFA provided is not supported" and use Duo for PC, Fingerprint for Android App?

Hi all, just setup Passbolt, and it works great. But is it possible to use Duo MFA for when I log in via a PC Browser and Fingerprint only for the Android App?

Im getting ‘MFA provider is not supported’ when attempting via Android I cant find any information on this error that makes sense to me. However it seems MFA is pointless when the approval is sent to the same device anyway?


Hi @kvHobbits Welcome to the forum!

Questions for you:

  • Are you successfully using Duo on your PC already?
  • Where are you seeing the error message? On your Android device?

Reference for Duo MFA configuration:

@kvHobbits Duo MFA is not supported on mobile at the moment. We’re currently upgrading the web extension to support Duo v4 format. From there Duo MFA could be added in the future.

However it seems MFA is pointless when the approval is sent to the same device anyway?

Yes but the application doesn’t know that. We considered initially disabling MFA on mobile (like some apps do) but ruled out against it as it carried too many security risks.

I added a PR for the help site on this issue: Mention current lack of DUO support on mobile app by garrettboone · Pull Request #85 · passbolt/passbolt_help · GitHub

@remy I don’t use Duo so is this matter expected to block use of the mobile app if the user has configured Duo for their account? Or is only the message shown and no Duo is required on mobile?

@garrett yes it will not be possible to use the mobile app if only duo is selected as MFA provider. However it is possible to add another MFA method and use that on mobile.


Thanks everyone for your replies.

I understand the issue now. I hope Duo for Android is supported one day, but for now I added another MFA for use on my Android.


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