New language - Slovak


i want to propose a new language: Slovak

Thank you.

You should be able to create it yourself by copying this file passbolt_api/common.json at master · passbolt/passbolt_api · GitHub and changing the French strings to Slovak.

And this file I guess: passbolt_browser_extension/common.json at master · passbolt/passbolt_browser_extension · GitHub

@Milan You can learn more on how to contribute with translations here: Passbolt Help | How can I contribute to the translation?

@timthelion this is actually not the recommended way to contribute to translations, the defined process is in the link above, you can also have a look.

@Milan We added Slovak to the list of languages to translate passbolt into. To start contributing checkout the documentation Rémy posted.

Passbolt Crowdin: Crowdin Enterprise

@cedric Thank you. I will check the documentation.

What is required for a language to be included in the main release? I see that you have extensive translations to both german and swedish but only English and French are available to me in the internationalization drop down…


For the language to be included in the next release we need to have the vast majority of the string translated (>95%) and proof-read by a native speaker on crowdin. We have a bunch of translators (volunteers or not) working on multiple languages at the moment, as you can see on the progress report. We hope to include german and spanish in the next release. If people want to add more language, we can add them in the interface in crowding, like we just did for Slovak.



I can see why you want high standards for world languages like French, Spanish and German but Slovak has something like 5 million speakers, native or otherwise. Since there are 11 000 words to translate, and English → Slovak costs almost €12 per normostran to translate and proof-read, that means that whoever does that is investing over €500 of work (Almost half a months wages and or over 50 months of the passbolt business license) into a relatively minor language. Wouldn’t it be possible to allow for partial translations into smaller languages like Slovak, Czech, Danish ect. and simply mark those translations as “community translations”. People will understand that the translation is incomplete, we’re completely used to that. It’s just more comfortable for some people to have the basic functionality in there native language.