Not found passbolt.local after installing Passbolt from Docker compose

Hi, i am new here and I try to set up on a Docker the Passbolt. I have done This steps:
I went to this link :


$ git clone
$ cd passbolt_docker

I did not change anything from the ENV files.


$ docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up

When I go to the Passbolt.local I get this error:

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi @gs.nikolaou101,

passbolt.local is a dummy hostname that doesn’t exist on the internet and it is for test purposes only. If you want to continue using it you should add an entry on your /etc/hosts like the following:

ip_of_your_container passbolt.local

If you are running docker from linux ip_of_your_container would be the ip address of your running passbolt container (you can obtain it using docker inspect container_id). If you are running macos or windows, most likely ip_of_your_container would be

Thanks for your quick reply! I tried but it did not work. I am on mac and I realize that there are
some network limitations in docker
I think that is my problem!

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