Passbolt account activation - security token expired

We’re running passbolt 2.4 and, as admins, added a bunch of users on a Friday night. Unfortunately, not everybody immediately clicked the activation emails that came through. This resulted in the security token being timed expired when they clicked the link. The users are in the activation pending state.

I tried getting them to submit the recovery request, and they got a new email link, unfortunately, that results in the same issue with the following message:

Is there an easier solution than me deleting all of these users, before then re-adding them?

Hi @programster,

Yes the recovery for expired token is a regression of 2.4 (see. We’ll fix that in the next release (coming up in the next few days). In the meantime the only option is to delete and add the users again.

Thank you for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hey @remy, sorry for not responding earlier. Thanks for letting me know. For now I am deleting and re-adding users.

We’ve been using passbolt as an organization for a week or two now and really happy with it. It’s really useful!