Passbolt_cli authentication failure

Trying to use the passbolt_cli. I’ve created a config file but when I’m trying to authenticate I get the error message “gpg: lookup_hashtable failed: eof”. Not really a handy error message for a novice. As far as I can see I’ve imported all keys correctly, where am I going wrong ?

Hi Tyr,

This is an error message coming from GnuPG. There are a bunch of post online which may help: gnupg: Getting errors trying to gpg --gen-key - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Can you give details about your operating system, version of gnupg you are using, user rights on the keyring? That might help us try to reproduce this. Or let us know if you get to the bottom of this issue on your own, we can improve the error handling in passbolt.

Thanks. Actually got it working after reading the post you linked, even if it’s not directly related. Turns out I had both gpg and gpg2 installed in my Fedora system. After removing gpg and softlinking it to gpg2 it works.

Still shows funky behaviour though. The output of the command is different when redirected to a file vs when grepped directly. Seems the last 21 lines are missing for some reason. At least I can work around that if needed.

# fewer lines
$ passbolt find | wc -l
$ passbolt find  > /tmp/passbolt.out
$ wc -l /tmp/passbolt.out
358 /tmp/passbolt.out

# missing line
$ grep -ci wolfram /tmp/passbolt.out
$ passbolt find | grep -ci wolfram 

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