Passbolt installation Content not found

I installed passbolt on an Ubuntu Server with nginx The APP BASE URL for me is IP/passbolt
For me the installation didn’t return a successful message, it redirected me to an URL: with /setup/install, which is just a white blank page.
When I navigate to the base URL, the page title is “Passbolt | Not Found” with page contents:

Not Found

The requested address was not found on this server. Please double check the url. Maybe the page was deleted or moved.

  • [Terms]
  • [Credits]
  • [Versions]

Am I missing something here?
Thanks in advance !!

Hey @dghimire welcome to the forum!

How are you installing this? Via docker/helm or one of the packages for like debian or rocky?

Since you are trying to install as IP/passbolt you’ll need to use a couple non-standard options