Passbolt on Unraid

Hello all! As the title states im on unraid and there is a docker app. I install it per the directions on the docker, get it to go to the setup screen I put in my email address and it tells me it sends a verification email but it never does. Ive been able to fiddle with it and it tells me to install the chrome extension. Well its already installed and I can refresh it all I want, restart the browser, delete cache it constantly tells me this so I cant get to start up to use the service. Looking across the web it looks like it might be a version issue. Im pretty new implant from windows only so im not real familiar with dockers and terminal commands I know im jumping in deep early but im trying my best to learn. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Hi @dunklesexil Welcome to the forum! is the install instructions site and it includes a troubleshooting section for any emails aren’t delivered.

If you are not familiar with Docker, this adds more difficulty in the process, but maybe you can verify versions and installation guides.

We can help with more technical things but you’d have to post the details of what you’ve done… the more details the better.

I haven’t gotten mine fully working yet in unRaid docker, but I got past your step, which as Garret points out the has the info you need. Specific to you I think, is that you need to set environment variables to get the smtp stuff working. See - Passbolt Help | Docker passbolt installation Step 3.

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