Passbolt Pro Folders API


Can someone share and example how to create a folder using the API in Passbolt Pro?
I’m evaluating this piece of automation.

Thank you!

I have been looking into folders as i also have an automation Project.
This is what i have found so far:

GET passboltURL + /folders.json?api-version=v2
	Gets all folders

GET passboltURL + /folders/{folderid}.json?api-version=v2
	Gets Folder

GET passboltURL + /folders.json?api-version=2&contain[permissions.user.profile]=true&contain[]=true
	Gets all folders with permissions and users

GET passboltURL + /folders/{folderid}.json?api-version=2&contain[permissions.user.profile]=true&contain[]=true
	Gets Folder with permissions and users

POST passboltURL + /folders.json?api-version=v2
	Creates Folder
			- name	string
			- folder_parent_id string
			- personal bool

POST passboltURL + /resources.json?api-version=v2
	Creates Resource (Password)
			- name	string
			- description	string
			- secrets	[]secret
			- folder_parent_id string (use this to create a password directly in a folder)

I Really hope we get a proper documentation for folders soon.

Edit: Forgot to Add Folder Sharing

PUT passboltURL + /share/resource/{resourceUUID}.json?api-version=v2
Shares folder
		- New:    bool (should be true if your not updating)
		- Aco:    string (this should be "Folder" for sharing folders)
		- AcoKey: string (folder id)
		- Aro:    string (what to share with User/Group)
		- AroKey: string (id of what to share with)
		- Type:   int (permission: 1 is read 7 is update 15 is owner)
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