Password expiry in Passbolt CE


can someone give me information (release date, functionalities,…) about the password expiry feature?
Indeed, I really think about adopting Passbolt (CE first and maybe Pro in the future if it matches my needs). But I do need a password expiry function and better a way to change some remote password (mostly Linux OSes).
All information are welcomed.
Thanks to everyone and thanks to all Passbolt team for your already very nice tool.

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Hi @gaillardl Welcome to the forum!

I believe this is the updated document.

Hi @garrett,

so this means that it is not yet implemented?
Because I’ve installed CE 3.8.3 and don’t have this tab in administration.

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I think this is the related Backlog, so no - not yet implemented. As a password owner I can set an expiry date on a user access right for a given resource

No indeed the feature is not yet implemented the doc shared by @garrett is our functional spec document that the product team will follow during the feature’s implementation next year.
We cant commit on any ETA at the moment but rest assure that this will start soon.


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@max adn @garrett,

thanks to both of you for those information.
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