[PB-28188] Offline access to password database

Does Passbolt have the ability to provide offline access to the passwords it stores? My use case is disaster recovery. If my datacenter where I’m hosting Passbolt goes down, it would be nice to still be able to access my passwords without having to have “Passbolt recovery” be the first thing in my DR plan.

I’m thinking of tools like LastPass and 1Password that store their databases remotely, but there’s still a local cache of passwords in case the remote is unreachable.

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Hi @wfaulk,

By default you get a copy of your password by email. Using an email client like thunderbird and with an openpgp plugin like enigmail you can then access these passwords offline. This is far from the best best case scenario but this is something you can do right now.

In the next few weeks we will introduce a plugin for export import from LastPass, 1Password and Keypass, so you could use for example keypass to store a copy of your password on a usb key to access them during offline use. This feature will be first available for passbolt pro users.

In the long term we want to implement other mode of offline use, like allowing the passbolt application to work in the browser without being connected to the internet. This should come by the end of the year though.

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I think this is a duplicate of As a User, I would like to download all my encrypted passwords to local storage

The problem with the export/import functionality is that most of the formats it exports to are plaintext: the risk of users downloading a plaintext CSV file and leaving on their desktop is too high, so we disabled that function.

But the idea of having an offline mode - where the PGP-encrypted secrets are stored in HTML5 local storage, say - is an excellent one.

Hello there,

I’ve been testing Passbolt and I like what I see so far. I was just wondering about the offline mode for the extensions as this is a blocker for me to migrate to Passbolt. As I recently started using more and more strong passwords and am not always connected to my password manager I would like to have this feature available before using it completely.

Thanks in advance.

Any updates on this? I thing it would be a nice use-case to have passbolt only accessible from your own network

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This is already possible. You can self-host and use passbolt in airgap environment. However it’s a client <> server application, so if the server is not available because your network between the client and server is down, the client doesn’t provide any options.

Currently we recommend having encrypted backups locally if this scenario is important for you (for example a keepass backup).

Hello gents,

I comprehend the principle of client-to-server interaction. However, this does not preclude the option of having an offline password, potentially based on cached data, when the server or the connection to it fails. This feature is essential because, in its absence, the server represents a point of failure.