Recap of The July Community Call

Were you able to make it to the community call? If you didn’t, here’s what you missed and if you did here’s a recap!


You’ve likely already heard of the latest addition to passbolt: Role-based Access Control (RBAC). It was a project that the passbolt founders undertook during our internal hackathon. During the community call Max took the opportunity to present the latest version which was released in version 4.1. He spoke about the current limitations, features, and what’s to come.

The RBAC demo starts here:

LDAP Updates & Fixes

Additional changes released in version 4.1 are the fixes and updates made to LDAP. The library used to make connections changed in version 4.0. This caused some problems for users. Max discussed how these issues are addressed and what improvements have been made.

Hear all the details here:

Colour-Coded Passwords

We also talked about coloured passwords, which is another 4.1 release. We discussed the reasoning behind this addition and the future of changing the font used to further differentiate characters.

Find out what colour-coded passwords are all about here:

Windows App Demo

A developer-exclusive version of the Windows desktop application has recently been released. Pierre gave a demo showing the current version, the features you can expect and what’s left to develop.

Watch the demo here:

Coming up

Version 4.2

In version 4.2 of passbolt, there’s a large focus on improving the password and passphrase policy creation. These two spaces have been separated for easier use, admins will be able to find menu items for both password policy and user passphrase policy. In each, the settings have changed to include more control.

Another 4.2 improvement is the ability to customise your workspace grid by adding and removing columns. Users will also be able to rearrange the columns according to their specific needs.


Max also touched on some items that you can expect in future releases. The team is working on password expiry, TOTP for the web application, further improvements for the windows desktop app, and so much more.

Hear all about what to expect here:

Changes to On-Prem

Gain some insight into what’s to expect with passbolt pending the removal of the support of CentOS 7 and what steps need to be taken to ensure your passbolt instance continues to operate. Max also covers the recommendations for passbolt and Debian.

Learn about these changes here:

Upcoming TOTP Improvements

An update on linking the TOTP to a password on the mobile app. How that will work and what to expect. As well as a small updated ETA for TOTP on the web version of passbolt. Max provides a rough timeline and an idea of what challenges we’re encountering.

See Max’s update on TOTP:

Content Coming Soon

The developer and content teams are working together to provide more support and insightful content. Some articles to expect soon are about the new RBAC feature, disaster recovery, backups, and high availability. Let us know what content you’d like to see!

Thank you!

We appreciate everyone who had the opportunity to attend and look forward to meeting more passbolters. What would you like to see from future community calls?