Recap of The August Community Call

Hey there passbolt crew! :wave:

It’s time to regale you with the tales of the August community call. It was a wild one, so let’s dive right in.

:crayon: Culinary Conundrum

The call began with an unusual icebreaker: “If you had to eat any colour of crayon, which would you choose and why?” :drum: As it turns out, the culinary champion is blue. [1]

:clap: Contributor Shoutout

This is a new segment of the community call that allows passbolt to show appreciation for contributors. Give @Termindiego25 a digital round of applause. He’s been a rock star in helping to improve the Spanish translations and have been incredibly active in the community. Thank you again @Termindiego25 . See the video.

:writing_hand: Improved Grid

Right before the community call, passbolt 4.2 was launched. During the call we presented the finished version of a new feature, Improved Grid. Users can now customise the grid appearance in the password workspace. Benjamin showed examples of the new functionalities such as rearranging, adding, and removing columns. With his demo, Benjamin also shared some of the challenges the team encountered and the limitations of this block of Improved Grid (currently grid edits aren’t persistent, but this will be remedied in version 4.3). See the video.

:iphone: TOTP + Passwords

Another feature under development is the TOTP and password link. @max provided an update on the progress of adding this functionality to the mobile application. This enhances how teams share credentials. Users are able to link a TOTP to a password in the mobile app, save it in passbolt and it will be usable immediately. You will need to manually enable this feature to use it - at your own risk - as it is still in its early stages. You can find instructions on how to enable it here. and see the demo here.

:toolbox: Support Changes

Passbolt is saying farewell to Debian 10 support, @max shared the reasons and suggested actions for all Debian users. He also covered Passbolt’s decision to stop supporting CentOS and suggested alternatives for users to consider. See the video.

:gear: Ansible Integration

Some time ago, community member and passbolt veteran @AnatomicJC created a lab project managing passbolt resources with Ansible. Recently, passbolt has been at work on a more permanent implementation. Max gave us a peek at what’s in the works and a timeline around it. See the video.

:police_car: Password Policies

Password Policies were already demoed in last month’s Community Call, so there was a short announcement this month. The Password Policies feature is now available in the 4.2 version of passbolt Pro. Admins can now configure preferences for the passwords. Whether it’s the password generator or which database is used to check for compromised passwords. See the video.

:wood: Action Logs

@max gave an update on action logs, reporting on some improvements and things in progress. @pabloelcolombiano jumped in later to comment on the progress being made with an action log UI. See Max’s update and Juan’s update on the UI.

:newspaper_roll: Blog Migration

The website team completed the migration of the passbolt blog just prior to the start of the community call. @kevin announced the blog’s new home, moving from Medium to a snazzy Ghost-powered blog on the passbolt website. See the video and check out the new blog.

:art: Resource Icons

There was a brief update on the progress of Resource Icons. A feature that will help users identify different resources with minimal effort. The wireframes and design details of these icons were shared and future development plans were discussed. See the video.

:clapper: And that concludes the recap :sweat_smile:

It was a great call, jam-packed with details of new features, announcements, development updates, chaos and a few awkward moments. If you missed this month’s call, don’t worry! There’s always next month. And it’d be awesome to see you there.

:thought_balloon: Have any thoughts on the community call? Comment below! All feedback is very appreciated.

  1. Disclaimer: Passbolt does not recommend eating crayons, even if they’re glittery and/or blue. But if you do…let us know which one tastes best. ↩︎


Thank you for that fantastic recap!