Say hello to the passbolt community!

Heyo - I thought it might be nice to have a thread for people to introduce themselves. I’ll start:

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m a co-founder of the We Are Open Co-op, write for, work with Greenpeace, spent a bunch of years at Mozilla and generally move around FOSS and activist communities.

I’m here to help the passbolt crew build a welcoming and inclusive space for contributors and users. What about you?

Hello there,

Welcome to the passbolt forum I’m Remy, co-founder of passbolt. You may remember me from self-help tutorials such as “passbolt from scratch, it itches” and “how to run passbolt on my toaster”. Today I’m here to listen to you and how we can make this place and the software better. You can find me on github here:

I’m pleased to meet all of you, don’t be shy, introduce yourself :slight_smile:

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AHOI THERE :sailboat: and welcome passbolts!

I’m Diego and as a part of the passbolt team I work in trying to make the system operations working:

I’m also in charge of whatever that has to do with docker :whale2: at passbolt.
Feel free to ping me in github I also rant about things from time to time in twitter

Hey guys.

I am Kevin, co-founder of passbolt. Like the other co-founders, I am involved in almost everything related to the project: technical development, users support, strategy, and like @remy I also write tutorials occasionally. I have been a member of the passbolt team since the very beginning and before that I was being an entrepreneur based in India and doing various type of projects, from security audits to e-learning. You can find me on github here:

I am very excited to finally have a place where we can all meet and discuss. Nice to meet you all!!!


I am Stephan, a long-time Passbolt user. To read more about me, check out the case study which was recently published :wink:



I’m Patrick. I’m newish to Passbolt. I’m going to get this setup for work since we currently don’t have the best method of sharing passwords. (And no, it’s not post-it notes.)

Nice to meet everyone.



Welcome @pbulteel, nice to meet you