Some thoughts about functionality lack

After some testings, I write my opinion of important features not covered by current functionality.

The famous escrow user. I think, this is mandatory. At least, top-leveled user should have access to all passwords in case any is lost by the user whatever reason. Once this escrow user has allways a copy of all passwords, there is still another risk: one user change the good password for a badone (error or sabotage) so the escrow user should have historical records from all passwords to be able to recover the good one.
For privacy reasons, when creatting a new password, user could mark it as personal (as proposed in forum) so this password wouldn´t be automatically shared with the escrow user and kept private.

The other feature, which is already in backlog, is to have the plugin working offline (ie: working abroad without vpn to passbolt server availability). If were exportable from plugin, in a DR scene where the server and it’s backups are unrecoverably, I’d be able to export passwords from users’ plugins and collect all passwords again.


Thanks for the feedback @alex, i’m moving your post to the community feedback category as they are already items in the backlog for the features you are describing.