Something odd with (re)release v1.6.4


On 29th December, I got an E-mail from releaser(*) saying that a new release of passbolt_api “Give me the night” was made.

“PASSBOLT-2358: As a user registering on the demo instance I must click on a checkbox to confirm I understand the disclaimer”

And indeed, if I go to it says “stripthis released this 5 days ago”

However, git log v1.6.4 shows that the top commit f76fcd14 was made on Thu Aug 31 14:29:33 2017 +0200

And there is a newer release v1.6.5 (9430d51e, Thu Sep 14 14:23:43 2017 +0200)

Any idea why Github thinks that v1.6.4 was released recently? I did wonder if perhaps the tag had been slipped, but no, shows “Latest commit f76fcd1 on 31 Aug 2017”

Regards, Brian.

(*) - notifies you when new releases of github projects are made



We noticed that the 1.6.4 tag had not been pushed to github back in august (my bad), so it got pushed when we made the last release. So that’s why you received an alert since a tag was added. There is no changes in the commit, it’s just a tag that we pushed for the sake of completeness.