Stuck on “loading, please wait”

I installed passbolt on my ubuntu 16.04 machine behind apach2 and its working fine for a month. Now suddenly it wont works. I cant find where i stuck with. Please help me. The following error i got in my passbolt log.

[Cake\Routing\Exception\MissingRouteException] A route matching “/account/settings.json” could not be found.
Request URL: /account/settings.json?api-version=v2

And while login the following error happening in my browser inspect console

steal.production.js?v=2.0.7:11 TypeError: Error loading “stealconfig.js” at http:///manage/js/app/stealconfig.js.js
Error loading “bundles/passbolt” at http:///manage/js/app/bundles/passbolt.js
Cannot read property ‘0’ of null
at j.e.instantiate (steal.production.js?v=2.0.7:11)
at j.e.instantiate (steal.production.js?v=2.0.7:11)
at j.e.instantiate (steal.production.js?v=2.0.7:11)
at j.e.instantiate (steal.production.js?v=2.0.7:11)
at j.t.instantiate (steal.production.js?v=2.0.7:11)
at j.e.instantiate (steal.production.js?v=2.0.7:11)
at steal.production.js?v=2.0.7:11
at $ (steal.production.js?v=2.0.7:11)
at k (steal.production.js?v=2.0.7:11)
at _.when (steal.production.js?v=2.0.7:11)
Please help me ASAP. TIA.

Hi vinodh,

This error is fine, it’s just the plugin checking if you have a passbolt pro feature. It’s been reported here A route matching "/account/settings.json" could not be found. · Issue #270 · passbolt/passbolt_api · GitHub

It looks like it’s not able to find the main javascript file.

Something must have changed, maybe an another administrator changed your apache config / rewriting rules. Maybe a .htaccess file was deleted. If you installed the software via git you should be able to see if there was any change on the files using git status.

Looks like there is two .js at the end of your file. Did you change that?

Hi Remy,My heart full thank for your fast reply.
I didn’t change any thing, even i cant find this file with both name stealconfig.js.js and stealconfig.js.

Ok let me check and get back to you.

Hi Remy, After reinstall my passbolt extension it’s working. But i have no idea what was the problem. Thank a lot for your support.

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