User tab unreachable in passbolt

After one year of a well working with passbolt (release 2.12.0) I got an error.

I can’t access any more to the user tab. The Page still Frozen.

I can see the following error in passbolt container log :

2021-02-02 15:12:27 Error: [Cake\Routing\Exception\MissingRouteException] A route matching “/resource-types.json” could not be found. (/var/www/passbolt/vendor/cakephp/cakephp/src/Routing/RouteCollection.php:216)

Request URL: /resource-types.json?api-version=v2

Somebody can help please?

Hello Touffik, please check: Browser extension v3.0.0 - data issues identified for users using passbolt since v1 - #9

This command, to be run on the server in your passbolt directory, will clean the group user integrity you may have.
sudo -H -u www-data bash -c "./bin/cake passbolt cleanup"

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Hello Remy !
That works fine !

Thank you so much


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we had the same problem since last update frontend / extension version 3.0.3.
cleaning up was the solution for us also.
thanks Remy!



My extension version was recently updated to [3.0.6] - 2021-03-02.
After the update I’m not able to export passwords.
When I try to export I got “Not found error”.
I did the passbolt cleanup but the issue is the same. Please see in attachment the error.
Thanks for help.



@touffik we are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. See. csv import not working · Issue #156 · passbolt/passbolt_docker · GitHub