The place to store passwords on a personal server

Hello, I installed the free passbolt on my virtual server which is based on Ubuntu 22 and it works properly. The question that bothers me is where the passwords are stored in the server or database. Is it possible to advise?

Hi, passwords are stored encrypted in the database, in the passwords table.
It is impossible to decrypt without your private PGP key, stored in your browser extension.


almost, it’s the secrets table :wink:



A query:
Is there a way to decrypt the secrets using any program or terminal in case the web page is no longer accessible and we need to decrypt it.

There are a couple scenarios here:

  • Webserver is inaccessible in a browser but you can still SSH
  • Server is completely down and you can’t SSH

For the first you could access your database and retrieve the encrypted password, then using your GPG key(recovery kit) you could manually decrypt it. This wouldn’t really be fun to do but in an emergency you could do it.

In the second scenario you’d need to have a database backup which you would then restore somewhere and essentially do the same as the first scenario, extract and decrypt with your key.

If you don’t have a backup and can’t reach the database then it won’t be an option. Additionally you would still need your recovery kit and password to decrypt your passwords and you wouldn’t be able to decrypt anyone else’s passwords.

Let me know if that is clear or not.