This site is unsafe - Google Chrome and Firefox


Google has identified our Passbolt as phishing for some time now, has anyone experienced this?
It is restricted by a VPN, but now with the warning it is not possible for employees to use the app.

I already made the report, still nothing was done by Google.

We use Docker installation and it is in the lastes version.

When using Google Search Console, no security issues are reported.

Any tips to solve this problem? Thanks!

Hi @rafael.silva Can you provide more info? How did Google identify it? Did they notify you?

Any screenshots you can provide?

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Thanks @garrett

Google notified us by email



Can you DM me an example of the social engineering link they included in the message?

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I’ve never experienced this before with passbolt, but at a previous company I worked for we had a test/dev environment get flagged for this. Best we could tell is that it was the URL and logos on the page that caused it. You may need to contact Google here and prove that you are the owner of the domain and that you did in fact set up the site

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@clayton One day after contacting Google, only urls containing ‘password’ wre flagged. Today it is working perfectly.
Thanks your help.