TOTP MFA Doesn't work

I have an issue enabling MFA at my installation
In user profile I enable MFA, scan the code with TOTP software, enter confirmation code - Passbolt accepts it
then it asks to enter TOTP - and here’s the issue - after entering the code I asked to enter code again and again. There’s no message that code is incorrect.
If I enter expired or wrong code - I get error, but if I enter correct TOTP - just asks again

Hi @xaaru

For your information, if you are using passbolt PRO, you can request pro support on

On the other hand, did you configured HTTPS on your passbolt instance ? MFA won’t work without SSL enabled.


Trial PRO, in test environment

MFA won’t work without SSL enabled
thanks, that’s the key, haven’t seen that requirement. didn’t push SSL on demo. will try, thank you