Trying to change SSL port

Passbolt CE in an ubuntu vm, followed the install guide here (passbolt).

With this “default” install process, nginx is working and listening to port 443. The url in the browser shows -

Wanting Passbolt in port 8089 and changing the nginx-passbolt.conf as follows -

I can’t seem to get to the Passbolt login and the browser address bar shows -

What am I doing wrong?


The .conf image is showing where I would have replaced 443 with 8089.

Welcome @thucks to Passbolt community forum :wave:

You should update the 'fullBaseUrl’ value from /etc/passbolt/passbolt.php file as well :wink:


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@_jc thank you, thank you, thank you.

Great start to my Monday morning.

max, yle, much appreciated on feedback for docker, which I’m not using. Straight up ubuntu as in docs -