Tutorial: How to install passbolt PRO VM (OVA) on Proxmox

For those users looking to try the PRO version VM on Proxmox:

  1. Request Free Trial

  2. Download passbolt VM to local hypervisor using link on this install page.

  3. Extract .ova file with:
    tar -xvf *.ova

  4. Create a new VM in Proxmox, but do not start it. Delete the new VM hard disk.

  5. From CLI use importdisk feature with:
    qm importdisk <targetvmid> passbolt-pro-debian-latest-disk1.vmdk <datacenter-vmimage-storage-name> -format qcow2

  6. This will make the disk available to the VM as an unused drive. Click on the unused drive and select Edit to then Add the drive to the VM.

  7. Start VM, allow for initial passbolt installation, and then setup network, ssh , etc.

  8. Go to http wizard to complete setup.