Ubuntu 21.10 Unable to locate passbolt-ce-server packet

Hi there,

I tried installing the community package on my Ubuntu 21.10 but I have the following error when performing Step 3:

E: Unable to locate passbolt-ce-server package

I did have a look at this Ubuntu 20.04 - Unable to locate package passbolt ce server but step 4 disappeared from the installation guide :upside_down_face:

Any ideas?

Hi @James69 :wave: and welcome to passbolt community forum :sunny:

Installation guide is for Ubuntu LTS 20.04. As Ubuntu 21.04 is not a LTS version there is no package available for this version.

You should setup an Ubuntu 20.04 instead.


Thanks @_jc

Any chance of seeing an Ubuntu 21 or 22 anytime soon?


There won’t be any release for 21 as it is not a LTS version.
There will be a 22 version but there is no ETA for now.

In my opinion the easiest and safest way for you is to use docker, it works everywhere: Passbolt Help | Docker passbolt installation