Use API: v1.6.5 & Plugin: v2.0.5 with caution?

Is it possible to use it with caution just for reading the passwords? Or can I get some database problems or sth. like that?

Yes you can still use the v2 plugin with api 1.6.x. However support for v1 API will be deprecated soon, so please update to enjoy service continuity.

after the plugin update to v2.0.5 I get the error: “Could not verify server key. That version of GPGAuth is not supported. (undefined)” and I don’t know what to do.

The healthcheck command could give you more information.
Execute it with your webserver user.

./bin/cake passbolt healthcheck

it looks like a new version of the plugin is released, because with v2.0.6 I’m not getting the error!

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