When adding a user to a group --> server error

When adding a user to a group, the server issues an error:

There was an unexpected error…
An internal error occurred. The server response could not be parsed. Please contact your administrator.

The system is hosted by passbolt: Passbolt | Open source password manager for teams

Is there another way to contact support (did not find any link or address)?

Hi @lars.seifert :wave: and welcome to Passbolt community forum :handshake:

As cloud user, you can open a support ticket at support@passbolt.com

Some users report us an issue while adding a user to a group containing huge amount of passwords or users.

I may have a workaround to add your user to the group.

  • First go on the passwords workspace and filter by the targeted group
  • Then you select all of them using the top checkbox
  • Then share the selected passwords to the user to add to the group
  • Once done, go to the users workspace and add the user to the group. The operation will be way faster since you already share the passwords to him

It is not ideal but it will allow you to add your user waiting for a refactor of the sharing mechanism.