Wildcard Function: how to match any subdomain url for a given resource?

Morning All,

So i was just wondering… I’m hosting a bunch of 3CX PBX’s which have (for about 80%) the same url.
Is there a way to use something like a wildcard.

All our customers do have a URL like: https://wildcard.fluxcloud.eu were the part “wildcard” is different per customer.
Now i have to create an entry per customer which give’s me about 120 of them :wink:

@MDLefevere Just to confirm, you’re asking if the URL field of the shared password with a customer can have a wildcard so their navigation to their own subdomain for your service would recognize they are on that wildcarded URL?

But… all of your customers have the same password to each of their separate domains?

Hi Garrett,

Yes. It’s an endportal which i use to control it. It is not customer allowed.
The password is one of the most terrible i’ve even seen, so yes, they have the samen password. I quess it’s about 35 chars long :stuck_out_tongue:

@MDLefevere Ah, gotcha. Well, you’re in luck because the URL is not a blocking feature. If you name the password something like PORTAL in the name field, you can easily search it in the extension and use the credentials to whatever site you are currently on. Even if the URLs don’t match.

Hi Garrett,

Yeah i’m aware of that. So it’s not a real problem, but i was hoping more something like this:

I have 3 different adresses ending with ***.fluxcloud.eu

All these 3 have a different password (we have 2 customers that wanted access).

When i go to a random ***.fluxcloud.eu Passbolt shoulr say; Hey. I got 3 passwords for an URL like this. Which one to use?.

I’m a longtime Bitwarden user and everytime i enter a ***.fluxcloud.eu it serves me 3 passwords.

Does this makes sense?.
The way you said is fine. But it’s a bit extra work because i have to manually search for it :relaxed:

I understand your use case better now, thanks.

Referenced Bitwarden feature: Using URIs | Bitwarden Help & Support

If you leave out the subdomain, and just list the password with fluxcloud.eu it will also pick up subdomains like you are wanting.

Just chiming in to say that @garrett is correct, you can set https://fluxcloud.eu as URL and it will get suggested for any https://something.fluxcloud.eu.

@remy My understanding is that protocol and port are both hard settings. For example, https://something.fluxcloud.eu would not get picked up with http://fluxcloud.eu. Is that correct?

Yes if you want the protocol to be skipped you would need to leave that out. I’d hope a login page would be served using HTTPS thought :smiley:

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@remy @garrett

Thanks for clarifying that!.
Everything is served with https ofcourse

I will give it a go tomorrow :slight_smile: