Windows App Not Working


I decided to give a try the passbolt windows app. I downloaded and it asked for the account kit. I downloaded my account kit and then i uploaded to the app. After that the app is not working anymore. When i launch it it goes blank and closes.

Any idea why?

Hello @illatus and welcome to the forum!

If I understand correctly, you are able to use your account kit and right after a login, the application crashes.

Unfortunately for the moment, there is no displayed message when something bad happens. But, there is a chance to find some details by opening your explorer and in the location bar, you can type:


You should find some files named passbolt. If you’re okay with that, you can share these files so we can have a look.

However, usually this problem happens when the certificate used for the Passbolt server is not trusted by Windows.
Do you have a server with a self-signed certificate? If it’s the case, you will definitely need to mak your certificate as trusted. I would recommend you to check this page for the procedure Installing the trusted root certificate | Microsoft Learn

Also, could you provide more information about your installation such as server and app versions?

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iam running an Ubuntu VM in Promox in local. The versions are the latest as i recently installed it .

I dont have any self-signed certificate in the vm.

Does your Windows machine is able to ping your Passbolt server (via its domain name if any)?
Maybe it can’t resolve the domain name you might need to set it on your Windows machine.

I can’t find the folder you told me to look.

How can i certificate the server if its running locally ? Is there a way to skip the certification?

Regarding the folder the %LOCALAPPDATA% is an environment variable and it points to C:\Users\illatus\AppData\Local (if your Windows user name is illatus otherwise you will to adapt the path).
For info, the AppData folder is hidden. So you might either show hidden files first or go directly to the path using the explorer it should work.
Inside, you should find a CrashDumps folder.

For the certificate, you need to get your SSL key from the Passbolt server and trust it on your Windows platform using the previous link.

I went to the folder you told me but there is not a folder with the name CrashDumps. My Passbolt is running in local so its not possible to have an SSL key. I dont think it has one either.

Do you access your server via http:// or https:// ?
If it’s the https:// option, then there is an SSL key used by your (supposedly) Nginx server that serves Passbolt.

I am using http://localhostip

You need to make sure you set up HTTPS because if it’s not set up correctly it will keep crashing. Passbolt-App only workes correct if HTTPs is working correctly.

Had the same issue.

I’m currently investigating, I can reproduce a crash on my side when I’m using a server using the HTTP protocol and not HTTPS.

I’ll keep you informed with the progression made.

So, we did an investigation with @scadra!

Actually, at the moment, the windows app doesn’t work with a Passbolt server served through HTTP. You will need to set up your instance with HTTPS in order to work at the moment.

We’ve filled a ticket internally to allow HTTP on the Windows app. We don’t have any ETA at the moment for this fix.

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