Account kit cannot be added to Windows app


i wanted to try out the new Windows app. I therefore installed the App and followed the instructions but as soon as i try to add the downloaded account kit i get the following error message:

Something went wrong!
The operation failed with the following error:

The message should be a valid openpgp message.

Server Version i use is passbolt-ce-server-4.5.0-1

Am i doing something wrong?


Hi @avalox and welcome to the forum !

You’re not doing things wrong here. It’s a known issue for the moment, the account kit format has been changed to enforce security and the Windows app needs an update to be aligned with these changes.

There is a planned 0.6.0 that fixes that, we expect to put this version for review on the Windows Store this week (and then there will be a validation on the package from the Windows team).


Hello @avalox and welcome to the forum!
I had the same error and they told me that an update is needed in the desktop app.
Check this topic to get more information:


Hello @avalox !

Just wanted to tell you that a new version of the Windows App is out (it’s the 0.6.0) and with it you should be able to import your account now

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I can confirm that now it’s working again.
Thank you!

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