Windows app : "a file is required" issue when importing file


I’m a registered user and I can access my passwords via the browser plugin.

I installed the Windows app on my Win11 box. On the first screen, “Account kit”, I select my “passbolt-recovery-kit.txt” file that contains my PGP private key then click on “Import account”, and get this error “A file is required.”.

BTW I’m not sure the “account kit” deals with this file I got when registering to passbolt months ago, and could not find any information on how to get this “account kit” in the forum or help pages.


Hello @Loko and welcome to the forum!
Your recovery kit and your account kit are different things.
To use the Windows app, you have to download your account kit from your profile on the website and then import it into the app.
Here you are the guide to do it:

Hello @Termindiego25

I read this doc but it does not explain how to download the account kit.

I had searched in my profile but could not find anything that deals with it. In my profile (“/app/settings/profile” page) the menu items are “Profile”, “Keys inspector”, “Pass phrase”, “Security token” and “Theme”

Hello @Loko !

The visibility of the menu item to download the kit depends on a configuration and a version of your server.

I suppose, you have your own passbolt server. What version are you currently using?
The latest version of the server should have this option activated by default