Administration/Email Notification Settings Page greyed out with ERROR

I updated to v2.10 last week and the Email Notification Settings are greyed out, and the following error is being logged:
Error: [Cake\Routing\Exception\MissingControllerException] Controller class
NotificationOrgSettingsGet could not be found.
Request URL: /settings/emails/notifications.json?api-version=v2
Referer URL: MYDOMAINdotCOM/app/administration/email-notification

I am getting no other errors. I also attempted to use the notfication settings as found on this page: helpDOTpassboltDOTCOM/configure/notification/email

My emails are working fine. No errors in the health check.

Also, the “Read Documentation” link from the /app/administration/email-notification page directs to helpDOTpassboltDOTcom/configure/notifications/email instead of helpDOTpassboltDOTcom/configure/notification/email

Thanks for any guidance on the error.

Hello @olAaeE6Eu35jfogv9umc,

Are you using passbolt.php to configure your instance? If yes do you have an existing email notification sections in it?

Can you try to run in your passbolt directory:

composer install

Maybe the composer autoload file was not updated correctly.

Ooo yeah. That did it. Somehow even composer was uninstalled!

Thanks remy!

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