Android app not available for Redmi Note 8 Pro

Hello all,

I have recently discovered this service but it isn’t available for my phone.
Even if I search it from web’s Play Store, it reports that the app isn’t available for this phone model

Here some additional phone details:
Model: Redmi Note 8 Pro
MIUI: Global 11.0.3
Android Version: 9PPR1

Any suggestion?

Just now I have read that Android 10 is the minimal version required.

Actually there is an update for my phone to Android 10 but I cannot get it installed via OTA.
So I need to follow a more invasive procedure to upgrade that I cannot perform now 'cause I need the phone for work.

No way to have the client app available for Andoird 9?


It’s hard to make 9 greater than or equal to 10. :grin:

Not to mention running Android API 29 on version 9. But, if you can get API 29 running, that’s what you really need.

And welcome to the forum!