As an admin I do not want my users to see all users on the platform

I do not understand why users should see this list ?!

This is to enable sharing entries. People need to be able to see their details and public key for verification.

Maybe I could try to put users in single groups? example 1/1, a group for each user?

I don’t see how this would solve your problem.

What I was suggesting is a settings where regular users could only see the other users that are part of a group they are a member off. If they are not part of any group they won’t see anybody. That’s one example of solution.

Another solution would just be to remove the link to the “users” workspace for non admin users. People will still be able to share but they won’t see the workspace. Another would just to hide all users except admin as you are suggesting.

If other users are requesting this feature we can consider it. You are the first to complain of this, but maybe more people are in your case.