Avatar won't upload

When I upload a .jpeg profile image, it doesn’t upload, at all. It just says “Error: Not Found”

A similar error to Internal error occurs when uploading avatars

What should I do? Thanks!

Hi @rion,

Welcome to the forum!

Which OS and install version are you running, and which browser/version are you using?

Also, is this a fresh install or has it been upgraded from a previous version?

Hello! Thanks for the welcome. Also, I’m sorry I forgot to include that, I’m using Windows on Chrome. I can’t find the installation version, but it is a fresh installation of Passbolt. I’m using the AWS marketplace image: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B08PDGS3ML

If I’m correct, this is using Debian.

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@rion Thanks, that’s very helpful.

Try uploading a file with extension .jpg, .png, or .gif. I have been told that .jpeg is not accepted at the moment. Post back, thanks.

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Thanks! That worked! I didn’t know that was the problem. :grinning:

Oh, and I just realized I have another problem, so I create a new topic for that.

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