BlueScreen .... with red passbolt sign

New , fresh installation , version 1.1.0.
I installed passbolt using msibundle file. Application screen appears and … that’s all. It looks like below:

Any ideas what to do next ? How to force it to show Welcome window?


Hello @krzys128 !

Just to be sure, you were able to use another version of passbolt desktop app that was not coming from the windows store right?

You might need like mentioned by @Termindiego25 in the other post to remove all the data in your credential manager.

If you search in your windows search bar for “credential manager” you should find it (unless it has another name depending on your system language).

There are 3 elements that could be removed (in the tab “Web Credentials”):

  • account-metadata
  • account-secret
  • configuration

Any other entries if any are from another software, so better not to touch it.

Then, if you restart the app, you should be invited to import your account kit again.

ok, to clarify:

  1. case , I was able to install desktop version (first 1.0 then 1.1) and all is fine ( except session expiration but it is described in different topic) . I see in credential manager 3 elements exactly the same you mentioned
  2. case , another computer - clean one . No Passbolt at all . I tried to install version 1.1. All want very smooth but at the end this blue screen appeared. In credential manager there are no elements mentioned by you .

If there is no element in the credential manager, it means that the account kit has not yet been imported. So, it’s an expected behaviour.
Removing these elements will make the software behave like it was freshly installed as if it was the first time it’s running.

Does the application crash at some point?
Maybe it’s long to initialised I don’t know. How long did you wait on this stage?

Do you know which version of the OS you’re using and the specs of the machine?

Just ordinary office computer - Dell INTEL 4cores 32GB RAM
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19045.4412]

Blue window closes automatically after a two or three minutes