Browser extension not showing setup page (Brave Browser)

I installed the browser plugin on my brave browser. It is not showing any setup page. If I click on the Plugin icon it redirects me to instead of the login page.
Brave is giving me a warning and an error on the plugin.

Warning: port disconnected from addon code: port-acf1fffc-01dc-3193-aa07-d0b1de723c29
Stacktrace: data/js/lib/port.js:30 (Anonyme Funktion)
Line: console.warn('port disconnected from addon code: ' + portname); 


Error: Unchecked runtime.lastError: The extensions gallery cannot be scripted.
Kontext: index.html
Stacktrace:  index.html:0 (Anonyme Funktion)

Translation: Anonyme Funktion -> anonymous function. Kontext -> context
I temporary disabled all other plugins and allowed all cookies/fingerprinting etc. I could not solve the problem.

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