Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'armoredKey1')

hi all,
after upgrading from 3.5.0 to 4.8.0 trying to share different password only to a specific group i receive this error : “cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘armoredKey1’)” (from Chrome or Edge).
How to reproduce error:

  • Login on passbolt
  • Select a record, click on “Share”
  • Choose the affected group “Administrators”
  • Set “Can read” or “Is owner” of that record
  • Clic on “Save” —> GUI Error

Can you help me ?

Hello @ercobre

Welcome in 2024 time traveler.

Can you confirm the version of the browser as well as the browser extension? To know the version of your browser extension you can sign into passbolt (in the application, not the quickaccess popup), and on the bottom right of the screen there is a heart icon you can hover, you will see the versions of the extension and the API.

Can you confirm you have no integrity issue with your API? Checkout the following command : Where to find various logs on your instace | Passbolt documentation.

Hi Cedric,
after investigation we found that we have a duplicated user:
same ID (the Id is the e-mail), so when i try to pull it out from a group i can see it greyed out (unloaded), i think because it can’t decide which one pick up.
Thanks a lot for your support!

going into user details the system can’t retrieve the gpgk associated with as in the image
image (2)

Thanks for sharing the additional information.

Indeed, Passbolt does not allow two users to have the same username (email). You will need to delete one of the users.

Once that’s done, you should run the cleanup command to ensure that any known integrity issues are resolved.

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could you please suggest me the cleanup command?

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You can execute the following command to simulate the cleanup. Remove the --dry-run argument to apply the changes:

sudo su -s /bin/bash -c "/usr/share/php/passbolt/bin/cake passbolt cleanup --dry-run" www-data