Change Credentiel

Hello every body,

I’m starting installing passbolt, and I want to change the admin information, but I can’t change the email, plz how can I do that,

PS: I installed passbolt (4.1.1) from source


You cannot change the email, you have to create another admin user with another email.


Thank you @AnatomicJC for the quick reply.
So we can also remove the first admin?

Once you create another admin you can delete the first admin. You will likely want to make sure to share any passwords with the new admin account before deleting the old admin account though

That’s great, thank you

So the if we delete the first admin as you montionned, is that will not effect the application, or any fonctionnalities

Just be sure to have all relevant passphrases shared with others and make sure there aren’t any groups with just the old admin as member and you shouldn’t have an issue deleting the old admin account

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