Check out some of the badges we have 📛

Hey community members,

As you may have noticed, our community forum has got a new makeover. Have you explored the badges in the forum? Earn and collect these badges for yourself!! :name_badge:

We have a new badge ‘Joined a community call’. So far only one person has earned this badge. Participate in our second community call on July 6th and gain this badge to boost your collection.

Take on a challenge and be recognised for your achievements with a badge in the forum. Let us know if there are any other cool badges you’d like us to include. :tada:

We’re open to hearing your ideas on other badges. Share your thoughts below.

:heart: Thank you for your participation. :heart:


Maybe it would be great to have badges for translators and other contributors in order to easily identify them on the forum. Or use titles for that, I’m not sure what would be better

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That’s a great idea @Termindiego25 Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: