Error decrypting message with ext 3.0.3

I am getting the following message for some passwords: “Error: Error decrypting message: Session key decryption failed”. This happens when I click in the password column to copy the password to the clipboard.

Trying to edit the password flashed the edit dialog and i’m back in the list. I can however share the password with others.

For one of those passwords I have let someone else remove my rights and then add them again. Saving the changes to the database in between. This didn’t helpt but on further inspection it seems to be impossible to fully remove my rights on those passwords. When I am removed from one of those passwords and we look under shared with I am no longer listed. But I can still see the password in the list of passwords after a complete browser reload.

I am suspecting there is some database inconsistency causing issues. But I already did the checks given in the post: Browser extension v3.0.0 - data issues identified for users using passbolt since v1

Hi @eelke How about this one: Browser extension v3.0.3: session key decryption failed - #4 by garrett A user had an imported key that did not fully address the security requirements now being verified in the new browser extension.

You may have more than one problem occurring. Is there possibly a key issue?

hi @eelke, from what you are describing it seems to me that you may have issues with passwords that were encrypted by key that is not considered secure anymore by the latest version of OpenPGP.js. Typically that would be a key that have been imported by one of the users, that is a “signature key” that is used for encryption (which is not allowed anymore for security reasons).

Can you please check for the entries that are not working the list of the users and try to have each of the users encrypt a message for you, see if you can narrow it down to one person / key.

Hi @eelke,

We just published a new version of the browser extension (3.0.4) that fixed the error you encountered.
Can you check that your passbolt browser extension has been updated and retry the operation.

Let us know if it solved the issue.

Hello @cedric ,

Thank you it is fixed.

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