Error: Sorry, you have not been signed in

I had just created my user and token, after that when i try to sign in i get this message.
Screenshot (19)
and the log says:

2022-04-15 22:09:44 Error: [Cake\Core\Exception\CakeException] Could not use the key to sign and encrypt.encrypt-sign failed in /var/www/passbolt/src/Utility/OpenPGP/Backends/Gnupg.php on line 525
Request URL: /auth/login.json?api-version=v2
Client IP:

Hi @islaam.khaleed

When I searched for this error in the forum, it returned this post Could not import the user OpenPGP key - New users only

If this does not help please provide 3 and 4 from here About the Installation Issues category

Providing the healthcheck helps us help you.

Thanks @garrett
after doing healthcheck it turned out that the problem was at the private key and after some digging i found that the issue is that the gpg generated the key with passphrase which is something passbolt doesn’t want, so i generated a new one without a passphrase and after that all is good.

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