Error when completing the install Wizard (Upgrading from CE to Pro - Source))

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Server: Ubuntu 18.04 running Passbolt CE. I performed an upgrade to get it to the Pro version.

  1. I had a passbolt install running the CE edition (v2)
  2. I purchased a pro licence
  3. I followed this tutorial: https://
  4. On Step 5 (Configure Passbolt via Web GUI) I get this error at the end of the GUI Wizard when i clock “Configure”:
    An error occurred
    See Debug Log = “”. (Debug log only shows “”)
  5. At this point i can’t do anything else in the wizard

From passbolt\logs\error.log
“2019-06-12 18:39:24 Error: [PDOException] SQLSTATE[42S01]: Base table or view already exists: 1050 Table ‘organization_settings’ already exists
Request URL: /install/installation/do_install.json
Referer URL: https

Even though i got this message the website seems to be working fine. My guess is that it’s just a verbose message that’s stating that a table already exists and it doesn’t need to be created?

I’m just wondering if it’s worthwhile doing a fresh install or if this message can be safely ignored.

Hello @jackbrennan,

Thank you for the report, this bug appeared with the latest version 2.10 of passbolt.
A fix has already been implemented and will be released with v2.11.

I’m just wondering if it’s worthwhile doing a fresh install or if this message can be safely ignored.

A fresh install is not required, but the migration needs to be completed.

To do so, you can drop the organization_settings table and run the migration manually su -s /bin/bash -c "./bin/cake passbolt migrate" www-data from your passbolt folder.

In CE the organization_settings table is used only to store the email notification preferences. If you have already configured your email notification preferences from the administration dashboard, you will have do customized them again.

Hope that it will help you.

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Perfect, thanks for letting me know!

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