Facing error while creating build

I have followed the steps given in the readme file passbolt browser extension github and facing an error displayed in the image below’ while using the build command.


Passbolt Version: 4.4.2
Platform and Target:
Browser: Chrome 108.0.5359.125
Web server: Nginx 1.23.2

What happened:
Facing the error as seen in the image above.

What I expected to happen:
Create a build without error.

Hello @Shyam-Dadhaniya :wave: !

It mentions that it can’t create the output file. Sometimes these kind of errors are happening because the folders where to create the output file don’t exist.

You can try to check if at the root folder of the project you have a dist folder and also maybe a dist/chrome folder.
If you don’t, creating them might solve your issue.


Hello @Steph
Thank you for your reply I tried this way but was not able to generate a build for manifest version 3.

I am attaching an error screenshot here which I am facing while creating the build.

This error seems not directly related to our build scripts but more with the signing tool.
What I understand here is that it could build all the files it needed to prepare for the packaging, but it fails at doing the very last step.
The creation of the .zip file should be ok, however the .crx can’t be done here. If I’m not mistaken, the .crx file is the “same” as the .zip file but signed.

And the library used couldn’t not load a dynamic library somehow (dlfcn_load looks like a method name whose role is to load a dynamic library given a file path). It’s not something that Passbolt manages directly.
Which makes me think that there could be a problem in your node_modules. I would suggest to remove the entire node_modules folder and reinstall it with a npm ci or npm i command.

Hopefully it will work.