Chrome update v4.0.1 breaks with API v2.12

Chrome updated Yesterday to Version 113.0.5672.126 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Passbolt after login shows blank screen
This install is several years old.
Upgrade path of Passbolt?
I am not a huge linux user. Perhaps Passbolt pro.

Need to get this online.
Any suggestions?

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I have the same problem here after chrome update

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Please check similar issue:

If issue is different please indicate your passbolt API version.

It is a different issue. The screen is blanks in chrome after login.
How do i find API version?
I have access to root in linux centos 7

https://‘‘YOUR PASSBOLT URL’’/healthcheck

API 2.12.09 ?

I think this is the api


If the application is not loading, you can check on the server the status-report:

su -s /bin/bash -c "/usr/share/php/passbolt/bin/status-report" nginx

You can also check for the logs of the browser extension as well. A blank page generally indicates that there is something wrong with the data. You might be able to fix it using:

su -s /bin/bash -c "/usr/share/php/passbolt/bin/cake passbolt cleanup" nginx

Replace nginx with your web server user if it’s different (like if you’re using apache)

Returns: This site cannot be reached.

No such file or directory.
I am logged in with root.

It’s hard to help without having the server version or information how you installed it.

Is your passbolt installed from source? If so try to find out where on your server passbolt is located, and see what is the content of /config/version.php.

Also try to get the browser extension logs, that should give you an idea on what is making the browser extension crash. Most likely it’s duplicate or invalid data. Or the same problem than in the other thread.

If you’re under pressure to get access to your data, you can follow cedric advise in the other thread to load a previous version of the extension.

We have all the passwords so we aren’t dead in water.

Looking for best path.
Export data, reburn centos 7.
Import data?
Migrate to passbolt pro?
Migrate to cloud?

Hey @winjunkie,

So if you have a 2.12 first thank you because you are with us since more than 3 years.
That being said, if you want to spin a new CentOS there is this doc: Passbolt Help | Migrate an existing Passbolt CE to a new CentOS server
(CentOS 7 will reach EOL June 2024, so may be another distribution will be wiser from a security perspective)
At the beginning of the doc there is a backup section: take from source Passbolt Help | Backup

Then you can continue with the rest of the first link that I send.

If you are considering Cloud or Pro before doing the installation part shoot an email to the team will explain everything.

Let us know


Hi we found that the latest version of Passbolt Extension (4.0.1) broke the password access page.
You can temporary access your password by the extension popup.

My boss is doing this. I however deleted and re added my extension so here i sit…

@perfect4situa , can you give a little bit more context please, like:

  • The version of your api:
  1. on Docker compose: docker compose exec -ti passbolt cat /etc/passbolt/version.php
  2. on package installation sudo cat /etc/passbolt/version.php
  3. on source installation sudo cat /var/www/passbolt/config/version.php
  • Do you still have the issue if you go to your passbolt installation https://<PASSBOLT_URL>/logout

Let’s start with that

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We have the 2.12.1 version of passbolt, i know it’s an old version…
The logout, login and recovery page works, the problem is with all others contents.

Is there any know new function that broke the loading for older versions like ours?

Well, it is hard to say we didnt really checked the v2 api, if you need to have access to everything I would recommend to download the previous extension and load it as described by @cedric : Passbolt extension chrome - NotFoundError after v4 upgrade (testing, from 2.7.1) - #8 by cedric
Once down take a backup of your data and plan for a migration of your server following the upgrade guide

I am going to need someone to hire out and do this for me.
Are there pro support services available?

Yes as I said ping (or me they will explain everything