Blank screen following login after Chrome update

Hey everyone.

I’m seeing the same issue after updating Chrome (Linux) to version 99.0.4844.51. I have not updated Passbolt recently (version 3.5.0).

Ok here we go:

  • The extension works correctly on its own. It logs in and searches for passwords fine.
  • If I visit the website without being logged in, I get the account recovery screen.
  • If I visit the website while logged in (via the extension) I get the blank screen problem:
    (image removed due to new user limitation)
  • The healthcheck page still works.

Now for debugging:

  • I get no errors in the JS console at any point.
  • The network tab looks good (the port is 443 for each request):
    (image removed due to new user limitation)
  • No errors in the NGINX error logs.
  • I get the following error in the extension JS console (when I reload the page):

Hi @awky Please provide details of your installation setup, including the OS/version, passbolt version and installation method, and results of the healthcheck report (unless there are no errors).

  • There are no errors in the healthcheck
  • Debian 11.2
  • Passbolt version 3.5.0
  • Installed using the Debian package


Does it works from Firefox ? If yes, can you try to remove then re-install the extension from chrome ?


Removing the extension and re-adding it fixed the issue.

I will say however that this required me to go through the recovery process, meaning I needed a backup of my private key.

I think it would be great if the browser extension itself provided a way to backup your private key. I know there is backup functionality in the web UI but obviously I couldn’t access the web UI.

Just a thought ^

Anyway thanks to the whole team for providing such an excellent password manager! Have a good one.


Yes, having a backup of your private key is essential. We will release soon in the PRO version the account recovery feature, where passbolt admins will be able to recover user’s lost keys. You can read more about this here: What passbolt's Account Recovery will look like | passbolt